4 Reasons Why a Fake Diploma is a Total Waste

It is the era of the internet. You can get almost everything done online. One of the things that are being accomplished through the internet is the dealership of fake transcripts that diploma mills provide. These diploma mills have attracted a lot of people and are convincing them to get their hands on the fake high school transcripts that they claim are 100% accurate to the real deal. But to be honest, do you think that it is that easy to fool employers? Or to create a diploma that’s even close to the original? The truth is that the diploma mills are a group of frauds that lure naïve minds into their tricks. In reality, it is just a waste. Read down below, and you’ll see what’s wrong with getting fake transcripts.

1.    Waste of Money

Getting a fake diploma is not a cheap thing. The fact lies that you can get a fake diploma for just a mere $50. But that would be too easy to identify. For a fake diploma to look good and feel real, the diploma mills charge up to $5000.

Now if you have this kind of amount to throw away just like that, think what you can do with it instead of that. You can arrange job meetings, and you can invite important people to lunch and coffee. If you calculate it, you can have almost ten lunches and 20 coffee meetings in $600. With $1500 you can get into an actual course in a legit university. You can get a real diploma instead of a fake one. It is much more than what you would have gotten by spending money on getting fake transcripts.


2.    Risk of Getting Caught

Now if you have already gotten a fake diploma or a degree. Would it be too easy to get away with?

There is a very high possibility that it will get discovered. In a lot of cases, the employer just has to make a simple phone call to the institute that your diploma mentions. That is just enough for them to discover your intentions. Businesses that look for candidates on a regular basis have lots of information about diploma mills and how they work. So, it’s going to be very difficult to fool them. They keep their databases updated.

Once you are discovered with fake high school transcripts, it would mean an instant loss of the job. The worst case scenarios include conviction and prosecution.

3.    Credibility Loss

Your diploma mill may claim to act as your registrar and provide fake transcripts for you. They might even have a website that may look legit somehow. But they can never overcome the power of Google. It always uncovers their frauds and scams leading to failure.

Once you are discovered, you may lose your credibility. You might not be able to get a job for a while. It can leave a nasty mark on your future. So, it is best that you avoid it by all means.

4.    Waste of Time

In the end, it is safe to say that all this hustle of going through getting fake high school transcripts would simply be a waste of time. Why risk your future and of the ones that are close to you by going on the wrong path instead of which you can choose to work for the job you want and rightfully earn it, for the sake of your future and loved ones.

Is It Legal?

It cannot be said if fake transcripts are legal or not. There is not a strict penalty on this specific issue. But the severity of law might vary depending on the region you reside in.

If the fake diploma is not a forgery of an authentic document, it is not considered illegal.

But if you are using a fake diploma to get a job or for financial benefits, it would be fraud and considered a crime, leading to legal prosecution.

Fake diplomas occupy a legal gray area. Laws are not stringent on this particular issue, and the exact strictness of laws varies somewhat by state.